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A candidate in the Republican race for the office of Board of County Commissioners, District 1 has withdrawn resulting in an unopposed candidate race.  A vote cast in this race will not change the outcome as the remaining candidate is deemed by law to be nominated for that race.

2016 Calhoun County Candidates
 Clerk of Court and Comptroller
Renee Attaway Crawford  (NPA)
 Carla A. Hand  (NPA)

 James "Jimmy" Baggett  (DEM)
Laramie "Larry" Battle  (DEM)
Eddie Dalton  (NPA)
 Glenn Kimbrel  (DEM)
Charles McCrone (DEM)

 Property Appraiser
Kathy Tatum Herrman  (NPA)
Carla Trickey Peacock  (REP)

Tax Collector
JD Godwin  (DEM)
Becky Trickey-Smith  (DEM)

Supervisor of Elections
Sharon Chason  (NPA)
Terri G. Waldron  (NPA)
Zane Wood  (NPA)

Superintendent of Schools
Kelly Edenfield King (NPA)
Jimmy Marshall  (NPA)
Ivey McClain  (NPA)
Ralph B. Yoder  (NPA)

Board of County Commissioners, District 1
Nathan Goodman  (NPA)
Charles "Chuck" Halley (DEM)
Edward Holley  (REP)
Dowling Parrish  (REP)  ***Withdrawn***
Kevin Parrish  (DEM)
Danny Ray Wise (DEM)

Board of County Commissioners, District 3
Jeral Hall (NPA)
Lee Shelton (DEM)

Board of County Commissioners, District 5
Gene Bailey  (NPA)
Thomas Flowers  (DEM)  ***Withdrawn***
Harold Pickron  (DEM)

School Board, District 1
Danny Ryals (Nonpartisan)

School Board, District 2
Volena Barfield  (Nonpartisan) **Withdrawn**
Ray Howell  (Nonpartisan)
Lynette Miller  (Nonpartisan)
Kevin O'Bryan  (Nonpartisan)
Jamie Strickland  (Nonpartisan)

School Board, District 4
Katrina Lane-Hatchett  (Nonpartisan)
Kenneth F. Speights (Nonpartisan)

City of Blountstown Mayor
Tony Shoemake (Nonpartisan)
Ronnie N. Williams SR (Nonpartisan)

Blountstown City Council, Ward 3
James H. Griffin (Nonpartisan)
Martha "Mert" Stephens (Nonpartisan)

Blountstown City Council, Ward 4
Sheila Harrell Blackburn  (Nonpartisan)
Beverly Veress  (Nonpartisan)

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