• Active Registered Voters 05/25/15
  • Democrats:5,622
  • Republicans:1,822
  • Others:847
  • Total:8,291

Welcome to the Calhoun County Supervisor of Elections Website!

Our office has moved!  In order to better serve the voters of Calhoun County we are now on the first floor of the Courthouse in Room 117.




Your Supervisor of Elections Office is in the process of conducting registration list maintenance as required by F.S. 98.065. Over the next several weeks, we will begin mailing address confirmation requests to those registered voters who have not voted in the last two years and who did not make a request that their registration record be updated during that time. If you receive one of these mailings, it is very important that you return it within thirty days. Failure to respond to this card could place your voter registration in an inactive status.



Our goal for this site is to answer commonly asked questions and keep the citizens of Calhoun County well informed. If you have any comments or suggestions for improvements, please let us know. We want to hear from you.