Signature Update

It is very important to update your signature on file with your Supervisor of Elections office, as it may have changed throughout the years. Reasons you may need to update your signature include:

  • If you registered many years ago, your signature style has probably changed;
    From this:                                                                                                


    To this:        


  • If you have married or divorced; or
  • If you are unable to sign a true signature. *Please see note below

If you have not updated your signature in the last five years or so, you should probably update now. You can update your signature by submitting a Florida Voter Registration Application Form to your Supervisor of Elections Office.

Signatures in your voter registration record are used to verify signatures on petitions, vote by mail ballots and provisional ballots that you might sign. If your signatures do not match, your petition or ballot may not count.

Vote by mail ballots are canvassed 15 days before each election. The signature on file at the start of the canvassing of vote by mail ballots is the signature that will be used to verify your signature on the voter's certificate. Therefore, make sure you have submitted an update prior to the start of canvassing.

*PLEASE NOTE:     If you are a caregiver to someone whose signature needs to be updated for any reason, please contact the Supervisor of Elections Office for directions on doing so. A Power of Attorney cannot be accepted in place of the voter's signature or mark for any reason when submitting election related forms or casting a ballot.

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Under Florida law, email addresses are publc records. If you do not want your email address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this enity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.