Vote-By-Mail Voting

Who Can Vote by Vote-by-Mail Ballot?

All qualified voters are permitted to vote Vote-by-Mail under Florida law.


How to Vote by Vote-by-Mail Ballot

A voter, or someone designated by the voter, may request a Vote-by-Mail ballot from the Supervisor of Elections Office in person, by mail or by telephone. One request is sufficient to receive a Vote-by-Mail ballot for all elections through the next regularly scheduled General Election. If you would like to have a Vote-by-Mail ballot mailed to you, please contact the Supervisor of Elections Office by 4 p.m. on the 10th day before an election. Important: If you would like a Vote-by-Mail ballot sent to an address that is not in your voting record you must submit your request in writing along with your signature.

The person requesting a Vote-by-Mail ballot must disclose:

  • The name of the voter for whom the ballot is requested;
  • The voter's address;
  • The voter's date of birth;
  • The requester's name;
  • The requester's address;
  • The requester's driver's license number, if available;
  • The requester's relationship to the voter; and
  • the requester's signature (written request only).

Marked ballots must be mailed or delivered in person reaching the Supervisor of Elections Office not later than 7 p.m. on the day of the election. Do not return your voted Vote-by-Mail ballot to a polling place.

A designee may pick up a Vote-by-Mail ballot for a voter beginning five days before Election Day. A voter may pick up a ballot from the Elections Office on Election Day only in cases of Emergency (F.S. 101.62(4)(c)5).  Click here to print out a form to use Election Day Vote-by-Mail Ballot Delivery Affidavit.  A designee may only pick up two Vote-by-Mail ballots per election, other than his or her own ballot or ballots for members of his or her immediate family. Designees must have written authorization from the voter, present a picture ID and sign an affidavit.  Click here to print out a form to use if you need to have someone pick up your VBM Ballot.

Click here to submit a Vote-by-Mail ballot request online -- we can mail your ballot to you if you make your request by 4 p.m. on the 10th day before an election. IMPORTANT: When requesting a Vote-by-Mail ballot using the online request form, please be sure to follow up on your request if you do not receive an e-mail confirmation from the Elections Office.

If you have obtained a Vote-by-Mail ballot but are able to vote in your precinct on Election Day, you must take the Vote-by-Mail ballot with you to the polls, whether or not it has been marked. However, if you are unable to return the ballot, you may vote a provisional ballot.

Military and Overseas Citizens Registering and Voting Vote-by-Mail


If you are a United States uniformed services member on active duty, a Merchant Marine member, spouse or dependent thereof, or a United States citizen residing outside of the United States, you can register to vote and request a Vote-by-Mail ballot at the same time by using a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA). You can obtain the FPCA from any Voting Assistance Officer or through the Internet at You can also call or request by mail, fax, or email to your Supervisor of Elections that a voter registration application or a Vote-by-Mail ballot be sent to you. If you use the FPCA to request a Vote-by-Mail ballot, your request will be good for all elections through the next regularly scheduled general election.

Vote-by-Mail ballots are mailed to military and overseas citizens no later than 45 days before each election. However, if you are a uniformed services member on active duty or a Merchant Marine member, absent stateside or overseas from your place of residence, including a spouse or dependent thereof (who is also absent due to the member’s absence), or a United States citizen residing overseas, you can ask that your Vote-by-Mail ballot either be faxed or emailed to you, in lieu of receiving it by regular mail. If you include an email address with your Vote-by-Mail ballot request, the supervisor will notify you by email that your request has been received. The supervisor will also provide you the estimated date the ballot will be sent to you and let you know when he or she has received your voted ballot.

As of July 2010, any voter who has requested a Vote-by-Mail ballot can track online the status of his or her Vote-by-Mail ballot. You can either link through the Division of Elections Voter Information Lookup at or by clicking here

If you have not received your ballot two weeks before the an election, contact us at (850) 674-8568 or send us an email. If it is getting close to Election Day and you still have not received your Vote-by-Mail ballot (assuming you requested a ballot and are registered and eligible to vote in the election), you may still vote for federal office races by using the Federal Write-In Vote-by-Mail Ballot (FWAB). The FWAB is a backup Vote-by-Mail ballot but is only available for use by a uniformed services member on active duty or a Merchant Marine either of whom is absent "stateside" and overseas from his or her place of residence, a spouse or dependent thereof (who is also absent due to the member’s absence), or a United States citizen residing overseas. To download and print the Federal Write-In Vote-by-Mail Ballot (FWAB) please click the link below:

Federal Write-In Vote-by-Mail Ballot

For more information regarding the Florida Federal Write-In Vote-by-Mail Ballot click the link below:


Click here to submit an Vote-by-Mail ballot request online.

How to Correct a Missing Signature on Your Vote-by-Mail Ballot

If your Vote-by-Mail Ballot was returned to the Supervisor of Elections Office without a signature please click on the following link.  Please follow the instructions and fill out theVote-by-Mail Ballot Affidavit.


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Under Florida law, email addresses are publc records. If you do not want your email address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this enity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.